Rust is troublesome for those cooking with cast-iron. Our users are happy with our product not just because it removes their rust easily, but because it’s safe enough for them to use on cookware. You can use Evapo-Rust® on your cooking supplies without having to worry about harmful chemicals on your food because it is non-toxic, safe on skin, and leaves no residue. See, there really is no reason you should let rusty cast iron get in the way of cooking a great meal!

All it takes is these 4 easy steps: (Find Evapo-Rust® at your favorite local retailer.
• Step 1: In a container, pour a sufficient amount of EVAPO-RUST® to completely cover the rusted object.

• Step 2: Immerse the rusty object in the solution and leave it for 10 minutes for light rust or up to overnight for extremely heavy rust.

• Step 3: When finished, rinse item with water. If deep rust remains in pits, re-immerse item until all the rust is gone. Un-rusted metal will not be affected. NOTE: This stage is VERY important in getting the best results

• Step 4: To prevent flash rusting, dip the item back into solution. Then allow item to air dry. This will prevent rust for up to two weeks.

You may have seen some of our ads that feature before and after rust removal on cast-iron cookware. If you haven’t, you can still use our rebate for a limited time!