We see a lot of folks trying to remove rust in all sorts of ways. Sometimes an alternative seems to work, but it definitely comes at a cost. (And we’ve tried everything.) One of the worst rust removal methods we see all too often is citric acid.

Citric acid naturally occurs in fruits and is used in everything from laundry detergent to soft drinks to sour candy – in very small amounts. In order for citric acid to work on rust, it has to be much more concentrated than in these common uses. (It is a powder that mixes with liquid.) At this level of concentration, sure, citric acid can remove rust, but it is also harmful to the metal below the rust, (not to mention if it has paint on it) in addition to to your skin, nails, and other materials that come into contact with it.

What’s the point in removing the rust from something if it is going to be damaged in the process? Evapo-Rust® does not cause pitted metal, deteriorate materials, irritate skin or nails, and doesn’t even have to be mixed!

So not only does Evapo-Rust® remove rust more effectively than citric acid ever will, it’s safer for you, the environment, and especially your valuable metal! Using Evapo-Rust® doesn’t take any work or additional ingredients so it’s even easier to use.

Don’t let whatever the lure is for alternative rust removal methods make you learn the hard way that Evapo-Rust® is better. Save yourself some time, energy, and headaches, because the only thing Evapo-Rust® will hurt is your pesky unsightly rust, like it should.

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