We pay close attention to what every single individual Evapo-Rust® user has to say about their experience. Beyond our Reviews and Testimonials pages, there are some amazing things we’re proud to see people saying about Evapo-Rust® Super Safe Rust Remover. Here are a handful of recent Evapo-Rust® shoutouts.

It’s Better To Burn Out Than To Rust

This “blog dedicated to woodworking, hand tools, toolmaking and the like” had amazing points to make about rust removal. Not one to let Summer humidity ruin his tools forever, Collin touts chelation as THE way to remove rust. (He’s right!)

“….I prefer chelation because it is fast, easy, and I have repeatedly had good results.

….As per usual, I am not affiliated with this company in any way, I just like products that work as advertised. If you are looking to do some rust removal, put down your sandpaper and naval jelly, and go get your chelation on!”

EVAPO-RUST: A Safe, Simple and Fast Way to Remove Rust from Parts

Street Trucks Magazine featured Evapo-Rust® rust remover in a recent issue.

“Yes, water cleanup and reusable, too. What more could you ask for?…
…in other words, virtually everything but rust itself is unaffected by this great product.”

Best way to clean / preserve antique hand tools?

A Ruger Firearm enthusiast’s forum had this recent conversation about restoring old tools.

“….Evapo-Rust is amazing. It’s not an acid, can be reused, and does one heck of a job removing layers of rust from stuff. I regret i don’t have a before and after to show you, but it’s great. On the last job it even worked it’s way into a threaded (and frozen) fitting, enabling me to EASILY disassemble it….. Five Stars!”

Iron object before and after Evaporust. Any ideas?

This interesting metal detecting forum has great pictures of a mystery object, before and after Evapo-Rust®.