Sometimes we find out that people like Evapo-Rust® rust remover so much that they make their own video about it. Here are some of our favorite real consumer videos we’ve found. (You can keep track of them all on our YouTube playlist!)

Awesome Time Lapse Evapo-Rust® soak.

YouTube user Mark Roberto took this really cool video of Evapo-Rust® rust remover in action, taking the rust off his motorbike’s fuel petcock. (You can also see his completed project of his 1987 CBR250R here.) Evapo-Rust® is just so great for these restoration jobs.

In depth Evapo-Rust® Demonstration

Evapo-Rust® user GravelBackMechanic has this excellent and detailed video about his experience removing rust. “In the case of Evapo-Rust, I am very happy that it performs as it claims. I have used this product to remove rust from tools and machine parts, as well as automotive parts that needed restoring.”

Evapo-Rust® Rocks

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves, but this fan took it upon themselves to make this great video. Those tools at the end are SO shiny, you’d never believe how rusty they started with.