Automotive Finish Remover

Best Automotive Finish Remover
best automotive finish remover

SAFR™ Automotive Finish Remover

SAFR™ uses new, safe, and powerful solvents to dissolve multiple layers of paint without the hazards of older technology. SAFR™ is perfect for indoor use. It doesn’t give off noxious fumes or vapors. This easy to apply gel clings to any surface and stays active for up to 48 hours. It powers through powder coatings and car paint including modern styles while keeping you and your family safe from Methylene Chloride and n-Methyl Pyrrolidone.


No n-Methyl Pyrrolidone


No Methylene Chloride


No Caustic Alkalis


No Acids


No Harmful Fumes






To remove vintage car paint:

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Apply a medium coat (3 mm or .1 in) of SAFR™ gel on wood, metal, or masonry surface.

Best Varnish Remover


Wait up to 1 hour for the paint to completely bubble up.

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Scrape off with a spatula or putty knife and dispose of debris in waste basket.


To remove modern automotive finishes including ceramic type clear coatings:

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Apply & Cover

Apply a thick coat (6 mm) of SAFR™ gel to all areas. Cover the area with plastic or place item in a plastic bag. A trash bag will work well. Lightly tap plastic onto SAFR™ layer making sure not to flatten away the SAFR™ layer and seal bag shut.
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Heat & Wait

Heat to 150°F (65°C) to 170°F (75°C) for one hour. Do not heat over 190°F (88°C). Heating methods suggested: A. A paint curing booth B. A heat lamp in an enclosed area C. Outdoors in summer sun will work if other methods are not available.
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Scrape Off

Allow part to cool for at least 5 minutes, remove from bag, and remove residue with a spatula or putty knife. Dispose of debris in waste basket. Wash area with warm soapy water to remove any residue.

Covering and heating is only required for modern ceramic auto paint. All other paints can use the household removal method found in more info. Use SAFR™ on metal including: steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. SAFR™ is not recommended for plastic or urethane surfaces..


  • Protect hands with chemical resistant gloves.
  • Always test a small, discrete area to determine results.
  • Mask off areas SAFR™ should not contact.
  • Apply a thin coat by brush, putty knife, roller, or conventional airless sprayer to remover 1-6 layers.
  • Allow 1 hour up to overnight for multiple layers of paint to release and crinkle. As long as SAFR™ is wet, it is working.
  • Once paint is loose, remove debris with a putty knife or nylon brush and wash area with warm soapy water. There is no need to neutralize the treated surface.
  • Once dry, the area can be re-painted.
  • Do not use on plastics, rubber, vinyl, or linoleum. SAFR™ will melt soft plastics and latex gloves.
  • SAFR™ can be used on wood, metal, and masonry surfaces.

Extra Environmental Info:  SAFR™ meets the consumer products LVP-VOC exemption criteria established by California Air Resources Board (CARB) for consumer & institutional products & federal LVP-VOC exemption.

Technical Info

Click on the button to view or download a specific SAFR™ technical document.


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