If you want to get rid of rust in the safest, most effective way possible, then you need Evapo-Rust Super Safe Rust Remover.

What is Evapo-Rust?

Evapo-Rust is an environmentally safe water-based product that removes rust in minutes, without scrubbing or sanding. It’s non-toxic, biodegradable, non-corrosive, safe on skin and eyes, doesn’t release fumes or bad odors, contains no acids, bases, solvents, or VOCs. This rust remover requires no special equipment and will not harm unrusted steel or affect plastic, PVC, Viton, and most paints. So, what can I use it on?

What Can I Use it On?

Evapo-Rust is safe to use on:

  • Cast Iron Cookware
  • Grill Grates
  • Antiques
  • Tools
  • Auto Parts
  • Clocks
  • Sewing Machines
  • Toys
  • And More

Evapo-Rust Super Safe Rust Remover is reusable, one-gallon de-rusts up to 300 lbs. of steel. Not only is Evapo-Rust Safe, but it also works. Our customers love Evapo-Rust and we think you will too.

Happy Customers

Here’s what our a couple of happy customers has to say about Evapo-Rust.

“I first tried removing rust with vinegar, which took days and lots of scrubbing to get all the rust off parts. Fed up, and seeing the results people were getting using Evapo-Rust, I decided 20 bucks was worth it and got a whole gallon. The parts I’m cleaning are precision metrology instruments, which can’t be sandblasted. There is knurling or threads on pretty much every part which even the vinegar couldn’t take care of. I sat my parts in the liquid for about 10 hours, and it was completely free of rust. It literally took it all the way down into the pitting from the rust, leaving nothing left after a quick wire brush scrub. Simply amazing, and FAST. And it’s apparently reusable? Can’t beat it.” Robert E.

Here’s another review from a happy customer:

“Fantastic rust remover. Drop the parts in a container, pour enough of this to cover, and let it sit a minimum of one day. I’m restoring an old bike that had been stored outside near the beach. All the steel parts were rusted. This stuff did a great job of eating the rust. Once the rust was gone, I pulled the parts and rinsed them with clean water. At this point, I was able to sand prime and paint. I had initially started sanding the rust by hand, not only was it a long and arduous task, but it was nowhere near as thorough as the Evapo-rust. There is a minor very mild smell, so I recommend using it in the garage or on the porch. I was able to retrieve the cleaned parts from the bath with my bare hands, and while it felt a bit slimy, there were no ill effects to my hands. Highly recommended product.” SL

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